What to watch out for at LUXE PACK Monaco

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What to watch out for at LUXE PACK Monaco

The luxury packaging industry’s renowned annual rendez-vous, LUXE PACK Monaco is opening its doors next week. New materials, sustainable solutions, the latest innovations, a spotlight on China and the LUXE PACK in Green and Formes de Luxe Awards ceremonies… we take a look at what to expect.

This year’s LUXE PACK Monaco show, the first since 2019, will play host to more than 450 exhibitors, 70 of which are new. Our exhibitors are eager to renew face-to-face contacts and brands are looking forward to exchanging with their suppliers in order to develop projects “live” and in person. Packaging is an industry that calls for the five senses: textures, materials... these elements cannot be replaced by video conferencing,” comments Fabienne Germond, LUXE PACK shows Director.

New this year in the realm of materials is a space dedicated to CARATS (CARnot Appui Technique et Scientifique), a network that aims to foster collaborative research between fashion and luxury players and the research centers comprising France’s Carnot Institutes. Six projects will be on show in a space orchestrated by French agency RCP Design Global. They include Biofilux, biodegradable polymer films with precious metal nanoparticles, and Matlux, a 3D printed material with a dichroic effect. A Think Tank session on September 28th will detail research on new materials within the CARATS network.

China Key, an area developed in partnership with design agency centdegrés, aims to help luxury brands have a closer understanding of the Chinese market. Consultations with experts including Luxurynsight’s Manon Hu and perfume brand Le Jardin Retrouvé’s Michel Gutsatz are programmed, as well as a roundtable and an exhibition of products developed specifically for China.

Conferences this year at the show will explore themes including the role of plastics in today’s packaging, refills and blockchain technology. Formes de Luxe and Luxe Packaging Insight Editorial Director Alissa Demorest will moderate a session on the challenges and opportunities in the area of monomaterial packaging. For the 2021 edition in Monaco, some conferences will be broadcast live on the My LUXE PACK platform for the first time.

The LUXE PACK in Green Awards - in partnership with Infinity Global -, which recognize sustainable product innovations and CSR initiatives, are hotly anticipated this year, with more than 50 submissions received.

And the nominees are…

Eco-conceived packaging solutions

  • Albéa for its mono-material tube & cap
  • Estal’s Rude Collection
  • Fareva Chromavis’ plastic-free packs
  • Groupe Pochet’s Odyssée
  • Quadpack’s Woodacity

CSR Initiatives

  • ICMA
  • Fedrigoni

Winners of the LUXE PACK in Green awards will be unveiled on Monday September 27th at 4:45pm at the Camille Blanc hall.

Partner event the Formes de Luxe Awards will hold its ceremony at the Grimaldi Forum’s Prince Pierre hall on Tuesday September 28th at 5:45pm. More than 65 products are vying for an award in the 18 categories.

Innovation Watch

We highlight a selection of innovations not to miss on the show floor.

Groupe Pochet (DG05/DG07) is showcasing Coiffe Eternelle, a premium fragrance cap, whose components (weight, insert, overcap, magnets) can be separated to facilitate recycling. Odyssée is a two-part rechargeable glass jar whose inner component can double for on-the-go use. The latest generation extra-white flint glass Seva 3, also launching at the show, now contains 15% PCR content.

Kurz (DB11) will showcase Recosys, its PET csarrier transfer recycling program as well as the latest generation of its Boxes collection featuring eight new colors and two diffractive designs.

Make a Mark (E34), a collaborative design initiative launched by Kurz, Avery Dennison and Estal, is bringing together designers, materials providers and printers and giving free creative rein to 18 designers for bespoke wine and spirits packaging solutions.

Quadpack (RB10) is showcasing its CANVAS Airless range, a new collection that allows for shape customization.

Bormioli Luigi (RE08/RF07) is showing its new cosmetics glass packs, including the Skin Lock glass jar and cap that boasts an airtight closure thanks to the mechanical pressure of a glue-free plastic seal. Its refillable lipstick, meanwhile, has a glass cap and base.

Gainerie 91 (DC05) is to unveil its library of eco-friendly materials and will also have a live workshop to see the company's artisans at work.

Coverpla (DC06) will exhibit its green solutions, including the refillable Vertigo bottle. In the realm of sustainable caps, developments include integrating recycled Surlyn, caps designed without inserts, those made from wood with cork inserts, or from 100% biodegradable, biosourced PHA.

Winter & Company (DA02/DB01) is presenting Toile Ocean, a material made of 50% reclaimed ocean plastic and 50% mechanically recycled plastic; the back side of the material has a water-based acrylic coating.

Cosmogen (RE10/RF09) will unveil two monomaterial-related patents: a 100% polypropylene reusable stick and an all-PCR brush. Other green innovations in the field of applicators will also be presented.

Envases Group’s (DD02bis) exclusive online integrated hot stamping technology allows the aluminum packaging supplier to offer 360° designs. The supplier is also showing its co-branded projects with Aptar, Coster and Silgan.

Knoll Packaging (DC04) will showcase Ecoform, its secondary pack pulp solution, the material used notably in the limited-edition Chanel N°5 blister pack.

Roctool (VA27) will present the results of numerous "materials" tests, including a velvet-touch surface option.

Guala Closures (AB12) is to highlight a new anti-counterfeiting stopper with integrated NFC tag as well as the latest launches from its Opera range for premium spirits allowing for a combination of different materials.

Cosfibel (RB08) is presenting ReBel, a coffret containing nine miniature boxes that highlight a specific sustainable packaging material, such as molded pulp, cardboard, wood, cork and rPET.

Eurostampa (AB05) is showcasing a connected label solution featuring electronics from Pragmatic.

Heinz Glas (RA26/RB21) will present its Haute Couture de Décoration series, which includes a crinkle decoration effect obtained by adding a crackle varnish to a spray coating or metallization.

Baralan (RC03) will present DEA, its glass airless system, which comes in either classic or premium grades and either single-use or refillable versions.

Verpack (DD04/DE05) will show its new-generation line of mono-material, light-weighted and adjustable platforms.

Fedrigoni (VA02) is highlighting its Paper Box that encloses the papermaker’s 80 ranges divided into three “volumes”: Uncoated White, Uncoated Colours and Coated Papers. PaperSnap, a monodose portion-dispensing pack, will also be on show as well as the first paper solutions to replace plastic to come from its FedLab innovations incubator.

Satab (RD09) is showcasing its offer of premium jacquard weaves, connected ribbons and the Respect Line of eco-friendly ribbons.

Qualiform (DD02) and Techniplast’s (DD06) RT-TWIST BOTTLE, a monomaterial PP refill bottle that is 100% recyclable, will launch at the show.

Albéa (DE07/DE09) will exhibit innovations including PCR laminate tube range Timeless; EcoFusion Top, a fusion of head and cap to maximize tube weight reduction, Endless Kiss, a reloadable lipstick mechanism in a PP shell, and a mascara made with up to 100% PCR content.

Procos (DF01/DF03) is spotlighting Summer set, comprising an outer shipping box for e-commerce and a monomaterial gift box made using the company’s Yoga light material.

Valtenna (DC17Bis) will show a book jacket rigid box with cardboard platform and cotton lace closure, made from recycled and recyclable materials.

Estal (DB10) will present its PRIMA collection for wines featuring up to 100% PCR glass, the RUDE spirits collection that uses its Wild Glass and the BUBBLES fragrance bottle collection with deep punts.

James Cropper (DB09) is presenting its COLOURFOR ‘Inspire’ Collection as well as the Rydal Packaging Collection.

Texen Beauty Partners (RD12) is showcasing a cardboard collection of skincare and make-up packs including palettes, compacts, a stick format for solid formulas and a refillable lipstick. The Eco-material box of nine different materials showcases caps for make-up, skincare and fragrance with various finishes.

LUXE PACK Monaco opens on Monday September 27th at the Grimaldi Forum. The Luxe Packaging Insight/Formes de Luxe team will see you there!

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