Luxe Pack Trends Observer: a luxury landscape in flux

Alissa Demorest
Luxe Pack Trends Observer: a luxury landscape in flux

“The 2020 consumer is paving the way for a future that is inclusive, sustainable, healthy and innovative,” notes Emma Chiu, global director of JWT Intelligence and author of The 2020 Consumer report, whose contents were revealed at Luxe Pack Monaco’s Trends Observer keynote session. Among the micro-trends impacting the packaging sector, the report delved into a number of hot topics.
  • The rise of gestural packaging, where “consumer interaction with tech is giving rise to the creation of ergonomic designs”.
  • The importance of sound as a luxury cue, which fast becoming a “crucial gateway to consumers”.
  • Cross-pollination between product sectors is making “packaging forms blur” as categories including beauty and food borrow design codes from each other.
  • The focus on sustainability has made for packaging that is made of a “new wave of materials that give back to the environment".
  • The package-less trend looks at the diminishing presence of plastic in today’s packaging.
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