LUXE PACK Monaco shifts into high gear

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LUXE PACK Monaco shifts into high gear

LUXE PACK Monaco Ravel Hall


The world’s leading luxury packaging show is opening its doors on October 2nd, 2023 at the Grimaldi Forum in Monaco for the three-day event. What’s new for this landmark 35th edition, and how are organizers putting sustainability initiatives at the heart of their strategy?

LUXE PACK Monaco looks set to have an eventful show again this year. "We’ve seen a serious boost in pre-registration numbers so far, which is an indicator that the market is both resilient and dynamic, despite the impact of inflation. The industry is clearly in innovation mode, and we’re seeing that LUXE PACK Monaco remains the venue of choice for suppliers as a platform to launch their novelties," enthuses LUXE PACK Show Director Fabienne Germond. While coming out of the Covid pandemic, the Monaco event had somewhat less of an international profile than in previous years due largely to travel bans, the 2023 edition confirms the return of visitors and exhibitors from abroad. Organizers are notably seeing a strong return of US-based brands and suppliers. Exhibitors from Australia and Thailand will also be present this year. The number of exhibitors remains stable, with around 450 booths and some 46 new packaging companies showing at the event.

Given how the market is progressing in terms of environmental concerns, it comes as no surprise that sustainability measures are a key priority at Monaco this year, both in terms of the organizer’s initiatives, and of course, as regards exhibitors’ innovations on the show floor. And according to Germond, this will only increase in the future: "LUXE PACK’s events are going to be more and more focused on environmentally responsible measures and we aim to accelerate on this path in the years to come," she tells Formes de Luxe.

LUXE PACK on the tracks

One stand-out initiative in this area is the privatized train that LUXE PACK has chartered to shuttle visitors and exhibitors from Paris (Gare de Lyon) to the show. The journey, which will take around six hours—departure at 7:46 and arrival before 2pm with a shuttle from the Monaco train station—will be a chance for travelers to network, have breakfast and lunch, and participle, if they so choose, in different animations. These include a Climate Fresk workshop (made possible thanks to the support of the Principality of Monaco), tasting local foods and getting a massage, while all the while reducing their carbon footprint as compared to air travel. Travelers also are cutting costs by taking the train with a one-way ticket at €60. "We wanted to offer our delegates cost-effective transport while creating a whole new type of networking experience: the show starts as soon as the train pulls out of the station!" notes Germond. Depending on the success of this first operation, the organizer will determine if the initiative is extended to a round-trip voyage in the years to come.

LUXE PACK has chartered a privatized train for its visitors and exhibitors ©LUXE PACK

Also on LUXE PACK Monaco’s green agenda for 2023 is its annual LUXE PACK in green prize, which saw an unusually high number of entries this year. The jury of packaging experts: Noémie Bauer (Pernod-Ricard), Hélène Villecroze (Chanel), Stéphane Bernelas (LVMH), Arnaud Lancelot (Cozie), Claire Richard (Beyond Plastic Med), Marion Oudin (Louis Vuitton) and Gérald Martines (In.Signes) are gathering on day one of the show to judge more than 40 products in the green packaging innovations category and 9 entries for corporate CSR initiatives.

Hennessy's Paradis decanter on show at LUXE PACK Monaco ©Hennessy

LUXE Home: addressing a high-growth fragrance market

One of the major new features of the 2023 Monaco show is a new segment wholly dedicated to the home fragrance market, dubbed LUXE Home. The section is a response to a market that is seeing burgeoning growth beyond the confines of the home, with industries from automotive to hospitality looking to build their olfactory signature. (The candle market alone is projected to be worth close to $10bn by 2028, according to industry sources.) Located in the Diaghilev Hall, the space will highlight the offer of around 15 suppliers ranging from premium packaging to finished products related to scent: candles, room scenting, diffusers and wick cutters, matches and premium coffrets… "Beyond the undeniable success of the likes of Diptyque, Rituals or Baobab, we were surprised to discover that a large number of brands from all sectors are considering or have already entered the home-care segment," Germond told Formes de Luxe earlier this year.

A new segment dedicated to home fragrance is making its debut this year ©LUXE PACK

A streamlined user experience

The visitor experience is set to get a boost this year, as LUXE PACK is offering an app that will allow show-goers to access contact information from both exhibitors’ booths and individuals’ badges with a simple scan. First tested at the Edition Speciale by LUXE PACK show in Paris last June, the app, LUXE PACK KeepTrack, is available for download on the AppStore and on PlayStore.

Also on the visitor experience front, the Monaco show is debuting two networking lounges that will be open to all attendees.

Industry experts weigh in on the issues

The conference roster and keynote sessions—where industry leaders share their visions and discuss the pertinent issues facing the business of luxury packaging and formulation—are central to the show experience, and this year is no exception. The major keynotes not to miss at the edition will come from Jo-Ann Chidley, Founder of Beauty Kitchen, who will cover the potential of reuse as a virtuous packaging model and Ludovic du Plessis, President of Champagne Telmont, who will outline his sustainable packaging strategy, namely the idea of "zero packaging". See the detailed conference program here, and register for the event here.

And last but not least, the 25th anniversary edition of the Formes de Luxe Awards will be held on Monday October 2nd at the Grimaldi Forum's Prince Pierre auditorium at 6pm. Sign up* here with the code FDL23. See you there!

*Attendance subject to approval by the organizer

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