Formes de Luxe Awards 2023 nominees: Refill & reload (Skincare/Make-up)

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Formes de Luxe Awards 2023 nominees: Refill & reload (Skincare/Make-up)

The 25th edition of the Formes de Luxe Awards will see more than 75 luxury brands and their packaging suppliers compete for a coveted award across 22 categories. We take a closer look at the nominees in the Refill & reload (Skincare/Make-up) category.

Trinny London Skincare Starter Sets

Trinny London Skincare Starter Sets ©Trinny London

The stackable skincare starter packs for on-the-go are intended for refill

  • Brand: Trinny London
  • Supplier: HCP Packaging

Trinny London’s modular skincare packaging integrates PCR content for most of its components: an rPET jar and an rPP custom-designed shive plug. A challenge lay in achieving a reliable stacking function with audible and secure click. Accurate color matching also proved a feat. Each stacking pot is color-matched with the corresponding parent pack. The disk in the cap is debossed with the brand's TT logo and metallized in silver. Shiny silver foil or white/grey screenprinting is used for the graphics.

Joli Rouge

Joli Rouge ©Clarins

A lipstick using Aptar Beauty’s Private Refill non-guided mechanism with brand-specific security key

  • Brand: Clarins
  • Supplier: Aptar Beauty

The lipstick mechanism is made without silicone, POM or styrene, and where all technical parts are hidden under one shell. The casing contains recycled plastic (PCR). Aluminum is used for the bespoke, glossy cases, which are either lacquered red or white or anodized gold. The metallized gold 360° collar has an invisible parting line and features the brand’s monogram. The lipstick has a security key in its mechanism ensuring that the refill works only with the brand-specific lipstick base and never on its own. Refilling uses a one-click intuitive gesture. From the second refill carbon footprint is said to be reduced by 45%.

Firming Serum Supreme

Firming Serum Supreme ©Clé de Peau Beauté (Shiseido)

A refillable serum whose outer bottle is made of Eastman’s Cristal Renew

  • Brand: Clé de Peau Beauté (Shiseido)
  • Supplier: Yoshino Kogyosho Co in partnership with Eastman

Shiseido has reintroduced its refillable Clé de Peau Beauté Firming Serum Supreme in a new bottle. Previously made with virgin copolyester, it is now produced using Eastman’s Cristal Renew-50, a material composed of 50% certified recycled content, manufactured by molecular recycling technology. Cristal Renew-50 is said to offer a lustrous, glossy finish and exceptional transparency: consumers can accurately gauge the amount of product remaining in the PP refill bottle that comes in gold, shrink-wrapped packaging. The outer bottle is painted and hot-stamped.

Sublimage La Crème

Sublimage La Crème ©Chanel

A refillable skincare jar combining glass and aluminium

  • Brand: Chanel
  • Supplier: Groupe Pochet

These new refillable containers consist of a glass outer jar and an aluminum refill. The polished, pressed glass jar made using Pochet du Courval’s SEVA 3 glass grade (15% recycled content) features a frosted-effect internal lacquer, gold hot-stamping and black screenprinting. A bi-injected ring (PP and elastomer) clips onto the rim of the jar. The anodized aluminum cap with screw-in PP insert is engraved with the brand logo, which is then pad-printed gold. The monomaterial refill consists of four gold anodized aluminum pieces (three of which are polished): a double cup, an outer cap and its insert featuring an aluminum-on-aluminum screw system. The brand logo is engraved on the lid of the refill, with a granite effect inside the engraving. Thanks to its individual cap, the refill can be used without the glass jar. Pochet du Courval produced the glass jar, while Qualipac made the aluminum jar lid and the four pieces that comprise the refill.

Luxe Lipstick

Luxe Lipstick ©Bobbi Brown Cosmetics

A refillable lipstick with all-aluminum mechanism

  • Brand: Bobbi Brown Cosmetics (Estée Lauder Companies)
  • Supplier: Axilone

The pack has been slimmed and visually elongated with a vertical band. Magnet-free, the refillable case uses a monomaterial aluminum refill. Ensuring a robust cup to properly house the lipstick bullet was key. The unique shape of the refill means it cannot be used with any other case. The outer fashion parts use 85% PCR ABS with outer aluminum shell and PCR steel weight.

Premier Cru La Crème Riche

Premier Cru La Crème Riche ©Caudalie

A refillable skincare jar with removeable inner cup

  • Brand: Caudalie
  • Supplier: Lumson

The cream comes in Lumsons’s 50ml De Luxe Re Place glass jar with removable PP inner cup. This inner cup is sealed with a protective layer. The thick-bottomed jar is decorated with external lacquering and matte gold hot stamping, while the inner cup is bulk dyed. Caudalie’s logo is embossed on the lid. When compared to a Lumson standard Deluxe Jar, the Re Place 50ml jar refilled three times is said to reduce carbon emissions by 60% and use of fossil resources by 58%.

Refillable lipstick

Refillable lipstick ©Dries Van Noten

A refillable lipstick line with a variety of finishes

  • Brand: Dries Van Noten
  • Supplier: PVL Beauté

The caps and bases of these refillable lipsticks are multi-material (plastic and metal). The top and bottom plates are made of zamak with a lightly brushed appearance, adding weight and stability to the product. Different finishes enable consumers to personalize their packs with a number of combinations including bulk dyeing, marbling and jaspered injection techniques, as well as PU sheathes. The product design compensates for the different thicknesses between the PU and injection.

Alter-Care serum & Restore cream

Alter-Care serum & Restore cream ©STELLA Stella McCartney

Skincare products with flexible refill pouches

  • Brand: STELLA Stella McCartney
  • Supplier: Texen

The flexible refill pouch combines with a glass flacon and airless pump kit. The mono-material PE refill consists of a pouch head and multi-layer complex of varying densities of the material. PP is used for the flip-top cap, which also enables the refill to be used without the jar and airless pump: the resistance of the film and the refill’s welded seams were adapted to this new use. The “ultra-clean” formulas also required superior barrier properties, and the decoration on the pouch had to not impact its recyclability. Certified renewable sources – predominantly wood waste – are used for the refills.

Essential Lip Compact

Essential Lip Compact ©Fara Homidi

The first make-up compact for the Fara Homidi make-up artist brand

  • Brand: Fara Homidi
  • Supplier: Metapack

The refillable make-up compact is made of zamak and is UV lacquered. It has a magnetic closure. Eastman’s Treva bioplastic derived from wood cellulose is used for the internal components: the refillable Treva cup is made in two parts. Ensuring orientation of the refill in the base was a challenge: the recessed engraving of the FH logo at the base of the case fits into the relief engraving on the underside of the cup, forcing the cup into the base. The mirror is laser engraved.

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