Arcade Beauty: in line with sampling trends

Marion Baschet-Vernet

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Arcade Beauty: in line with sampling trends

Sampling expert Arcade Beauty unveiled its latest series of innovations at Luxe Pack Monaco. Here is our recap.
  • Touch'n Smell is comprised of a card covered with microcapsules that release the fragrance when touched. "This format calls for less concentrate than perfumed paper," notes Arcade Beauty marketing director Isabelle Louis. “The innovation focused on using 100% neutral capsules in a bid to meet current regulations.”
  • Stand Alone Blister is a thermoformed card manufactured in a single step and that allows brands to forgo the printed (cardboard) card thanks to the premium quality of the printing.
  • Scented Beads Powder Box allows the consumer to sample a fragrance via 100% paper impregnated cellulose beads.
  • The growing demand for small treatment formats led to the development of Mini Glass Vial Cube: small single-dose aluminum-ringed glass vials adapted to sensitive skincare formulas.
  • In line with growing environmental expectations, Arcade Beauty is increasingly moving more towards more easily recyclable materials: single-material sachets, glass bottles incorporating up to 40% recycled glass, thermoformed shells made of 50% PCR (equipped with a mono-material aluminum lid), as well as 3D Pouch or Pillow, doses whose material weight is lower than previous versions while assuring the same dosage.
  • A miniature mascara, developed with CEP, whose originality lies in its flat base, allowing it to stand upright. This solution is said to provide an economical version of the standard mini-model.
  • And last but not least: the recent launch of Sampling Made Simple, a website geared to indie brands allowing for personalized orders for samples requiring less than 1,000 units.