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Bache-Gabrielsen launches anniversary edition


Bache-Gabrielsen launches anniversary edition
Albane de Roffignac

Tribute by cellar master Jean-Philippe Bergier to his most loyal winegrowers, Cercle, cognac brand Bache-Gabrielsen’s anniversary edition is launching on the Norwegian market. This complex blend of dried fruit and white flower notes, mixed with leather, citrus and ripe fruit aromas celebrates 30 years of work and collaboration between the cellar master, Jean-Philippe Bergier, and all of the winegrowers, distillers and brokers who have nourished his passion for cognac over time.

If the names of each of Bache-Grabrielsen’s 80 long-term partner winegrowers are silkscreened onto the bottle it is because each has brought a batch to this assembly, presented in Saverglass’s Tonic model. A minimalist mid-high bottle adorned with a small carnettefinish that recalls the slight punt on the base while enhancing the deep amber reflections of the anniversary cognac. A nod to the maison’scraft heritage, the 1,000 bottles of the oak corked edition (Asserquali) flirt with a gently apothecary spirit, already developed by the brand for its Grande Champagne Hors d’Âge and its Pure & Rustic collection. In terms of the secondary pack, the cognac stands out in the simplicity of a stained oak frame-type coffret (ES Pack) embellished with a leather handle.

Some of the 1,000 bottles to launch in Norway should soon be available in France, where Bache-Gabrielsen continues to develop Private Cognac Cask: a personalization project announced earlier this year that offers spirits lovers the chance to participate in the creation of their own cognac, from selection to bottling, simply by purchasing a barrel.

Choice of eau-de-vie (Fins Bois, Petite Champagneor Grande Champagne), aging (from two to six years) and personalized bottling: aided by the cellar master at each stage of production, Private Cognac Cask allows the connoisseur to learn the art of aging while creating a unique juice. Depending on the vintage selected (which defines how long it will be aged), each 30-liter barrel will produce batches of 50 to 60 bottles.

Christel Trinquier

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Bache-Gabrielsen launches anniversary edition

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