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With Mindset, Guerlain explores perfume and emotion


With Mindset, Guerlain explores perfume and emotion

Fragrance and technology are one and the same judging from Guerlain’s latest innovations. Last year, the LVMH brand’s Digital Innovation team unveiled Olfaplay, a “digital radio” platform (that includes an app and a website), that allows users to record, listen and share “intimate audio stories about perfumery”. For its new project, Mindset, Guerlain is venturing into emotional territory with a technology concieved to measure the emotions evoked when smelling a fragrance—also a way of simplifying the perfume selection process for the consumer.

So how does it work? In the brand’s boutique, the consumer, equipped with a headset featuring a neural sensor, tests four olfactory families—fresh, floral, oriental and woody-chypre—and answers a series of questions while viewing “aspirational images”. This experience results in a selection of three Guerlain fragrances that the consumer can sample to single out her preferred scent: the one that evokes the most positive emotions from among the brand’s 110 perfumes. In short, a quasi scientific approach to help the consumer discover her “olfactory crush”.

Mindset was created in collaboration with Francky Trichet, AI researcher, vice-president digital at the University of Nantes, as well as co-creator of Neurokiff, an object that “measures the pleasure perceived while tasting a wine or culinary creation”.

Mindset launched on October 11 at Guerlain’s flagship on the Champs Elysées in Paris and will gradually roll out to the brand’s boutiques internationally.

Alissa Demorest

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