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iDSCENT reinvents the perfume sample


iDSCENT reinvents the perfume sample

iDSCENT previewed Scentouch at the Luxe Pack Monaco show: a sample that reinvents fragrance application.

“We realized that brands were looking for new alternatives to apply fragrance to the skin, one that was more intimate than the mini-spray format,” notes olfactory specialist iDSCENT ceo Maxime Caffon. Scentouch, a patented bottle-shaped sample is in response to this demand. “With Scentouch, the consumer removes the cap and discovers a fragrance-impregnated applicator, which they can smell or test directly on the skin,” he explains. The company’s technology is able to integrate fragrance directly into the paper fiber, which it says results in a faithful and long-lasting restitution of the scent over time.

Scentouch can be used at retail instead of the traditional blotter, in the press as a mini-fragrance to be sampled and kept, or as an e-sampling by post (it is less logistically constraining than mini-sprays and requires no over-packaging). Another advantage for brands is that it allows them to better target the end-consumer. “Customers order a sample online or via social networks and when they receive it by mail, they are expecting a perfume, so it is all the more impactful.” Another challenge is that of repeatability over time: “With our sample, the consumer can test the fragrance enough times to become ‘addicted’ and even share it with their entourage, which traditional sampling does not allow,” adds Caffon.

Sustainability-wise, Scentouch contains neither aluminum nor plastic, making it fully recyclable. “It is also 100% made in France,” notes the ceo. iDSCENT forged an exclusive industrial partnership for the sample’s forming process.

Marion Baschet-Vernet

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