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With Dolce, Aptar invents a ‘slow motion’ fragrance spray


With Dolce, Aptar invents a ‘slow motion’ fragrance spray

Dolce, the latest fragrance spray developed by Aptar and launched this week, aims to “re-enchant the world of perfume”. First innovation: Dolce’s fragrance diffusion is ten times slower than a conventional spray. Thanks to this slower application rate, the consumer can perfume herself longer, simply by keeping pressure on the actuator. This also means better control over the intensity of the application, and therefore a more personalized experience. In addition, the fragrance is dispensed in micronized droplets resulting in a mist effect. In terms of dosage, each spray with Dolce dispenses 100 microliters, as with a classic spray.

Technically, the innovation called on dispensing technology from the pharmaceutical sector. Aptar’s collaboration with Medspray, a Dutch supplier specializing in spray mechanisms, has made the technology adaptable to fragrance. “Today a classic spray uses a single nozzle and a single channel; with Dolce the nozzle is equipped with about fifty micron-sized channels. This makes the gesture particularly gentle and results in a slow and harmonious spray. With this innovation, spray technology is undergoing a radical change,” explains Elisabeth Salom L’Ancien, EMEA marketing director at Aptar.

The innovation is also of a sensory nature as Dolce offers a completely silent fragrance application gesture. According to Aptar, this means a more luxurious application experience. Another significant advantage is in terms of olfaction: a study conducted by French perfumer Antoine Lie showed that with Dolce “the fragrance notes are optimized to better reveal their numerous facets”. Moreover, it seems that with the micronized diffusion, the odor of the alcohol contained in the formula is perceived far less during application.

Aptar is targeting the premium market with Dolce as the spray technology is more costly than a traditional solution.

Alissa Demorest

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